Monday, April 18, 2011

time for some serious gardening!

Yay, spring is here! It's been rainy rainy RAINY lately, but today seemed like the perfect day to get started on the Ellsworth Garden! :) 

Brant did all the heavy lifting.

Annie wanted to stay in the front yard while we brought in bags of compost, sand, and peat moss. See my yellow tulips in the background? They just bloomed this morning!

Nancy came to help out. We're going to co-op our garden with the Joneses this year. Yay! :)

The girls did their part by keeping the baby dolls happy, going on walks around the yard. :)

Oh MAN that dirt felt soft and delightful! 
I hope you all appreciate this picture of me, big and pregnant and barefoot in manure. :)

Finished product! Today we planted a few early spring goodies--peas, spinach, kale, and chard! The little seeds are tucked in there. :)

Happy Springtime!


Megan said...

So jealous of the garden! I can't wait to have a little plot of land to do that with. Perhaps if J and I move back to central PA (I'm looking at Penn State again for the Ph.D. program), we'll garden with you.

Also, a baby bump pic! Finally! I love that the three of us are all preggers at the same time. :)

Kathryn Quinn said...

Great teamwork on the garden. Love the pregnant and barefoot in manure.