Saturday, April 30, 2011

happy Saturday

We're in the midst of a very happy day. :) Brant worked this morning, so Annie, Memph, and I went on a long walk in the sunshine and chilly breeze. At one point we passed by a little league baseball game between the "Orioles" and the "Phillies." Oh my goodness. I'm pretty sure those kids had to be at least 4 or 5 years old, but most of them seriously looked like Annie's size. All running around with the uniforms and gloves and little hats. So adorable. I can't wait for Annie to play. She can't wait either. She could have stood there and watched that game til it ended, I think. 

After our walk, we played outside and went on a few adventures in the car. I wanted to show some pictures of the robin's nest above our front door, though! Look how cozy!

Usually the momma robin is sitting on the nest or on the power lines right above our house, keeping an eye on things. The other day I saw a beautiful blue egg inside the nest. See the transom window by the nest? It's the perfect spot for me to peek from inside.

Annie has quite the collection of springtime vehicles. She takes them very seriously, just as she does her miniature car collection. Here's the big wheels bike. Still can't quite reach these pedals . . .

This next bike is awesome. She couldn't reach the pedals in the fall, but now she can! And she's learning to ride it so well! Can you tell how hard she's concentrating on pedaling?

 And here's her car. Lately this is more of her luxury vehicle, in which she'll eat her snacks, cradle her baby, and store all sorts of goodies.
Every playtime ends with her parking her vehicles all alongside each other. She's very responsible. :)

Here are some more pictures from our playtime today . . .
 I pulled out the pacifiers as I get baby things ready. Annie quickly snatched up this blue one and hasn't relinquished it yet.

When Brant came home, this is what he found . . . notice the clothes and diaper on the ground. And the look of carefree joy on Annie's face.

Hope you all are having equally sunny Saturdays!

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Kathryn Quinn said...

my oh my! how precious! One of my all-time favorite pictures of you is your tee-ball picture. She certainly wants to feel empowered where new baby is concerned.