Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a glimpse into the life of Annie

See the shirt she's wearing? It's a white dress for the new baby I just bought today and had put in the laundry hamper to wash. See how the laundry hamper's open? Yep, she went in and got the baby dress out. The shirt I had put on her is lying in a heap next to her book basket in front of that open laundry hamper.

The two blue plastic things in bed with her are step stools that she turns over and uses as baskets for her babies to sleep in. She carries them around, usually with a book or two inside as well, and, apparently, sleeps with them.

I took this picture at about 6pm. A little late for an afternoon nap, you may say. Well, I put her down at 2:45. Twice I had to go upstairs and remind her that she should probably lie down in bed instead of spending all of naptime taking all of her books out of her basket and off her shelves. So, when I checked on her at 6, it looked like the third try finally took and she had fallen asleep. :)

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Kathryn Quinn said...

such a character she is! Oh to know just what's going on in that precious head of hers.