Friday, July 23, 2010

land of little horses

This is a wonderful little place that's gotten a lot bigger since I was there last, 20 years ago or so.

Once we entered the place, she took off from one corral to another, yelling, "Here it is!! Here it is!"
(That's her new favorite phrase.)

She chased the goats around until they finally sought protection within the horse corrals. :)

She rode on the cool tire-horse swing

Then we wandered through the woods to find a hidden cowboy village!

Look out, here comes Annie Jo, into the saloon!

Grandma tickled the ivories.

Then we took some quiet time in the chapel.

Praying! SO adorable! :)

She climbed up on the tractor, which really wasn't meant for kids to play on, but what the heck?

Back in the saloon for some dancing . . .

Playing checkers . . .

Annie hasn't quite grasped the whole head-in-the-wooden-cutout thing yet . . .

I thought this town was plain charmin'.

Time to go!! Who wants to tear Annie away from the tractors in the 100-degree heat? :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

and we went to the beach!!

This past weekend we went to the beach in southeastern Delaware. It's the place where I went with my family every summer when I was growing up. This trip was spectacularly fun!

Get ready for an onslaught of pictures!! Ready . . . GO!

Annie read books pretty much the whole 3 1/2 hours of the trip. She was very happy :)

Hello, Delaware!

we stayed at a really fun hotel that was super close to the beach.

Annie caught a few winks every chance she got. 

here's our little sea turtle, getting as covered in sand as possible . . . 

Annie's favorite part, I think, was all the people there! She wandered the tide line, meeting all sorts of kids and joining in on their fun!

We went out for pizza one night!

I was worried about how well she'd sleep in her pack-and-play every night. Worries were unnecessary . . . 

And then she woke up so happy!

The third day the Joneses drove down to meet us! These next few pictures are from Nancy. I left my camera in the car while we were at the beach this day. I'm glad I did, cause Nancy takes great pictures!

See what I mean by "as covered in sand as possible" ???

We went to a really fun British style fish and chips restaurant on the boardwalk that night for dinner. I thought Annie was going to sleep through the whole meal . . .

walking the boardwalk . . .

I had to visit the old boardwalk experiences of my youth :)

then it was time to leave . . . 

bye, Delaware!

Scott and Nancy also posted a fun video on their blog, if you wanna see it!

And here's one of ours . . .