Tuesday, November 9, 2010

happy nights

Brant has been home in the evenings a bit more lately, so Annie and I have been enjoying all the time with him we can! And Annie sure is one crazy girl!

Her favorite spot to be lately is on the kitchen counter while Brant and I cook, wash dishes, eat dinner, anything! Here she is after church in her pajamas, as I try to convince her it's time to eat dinner . . . 

Over the weekend we bought a toddler bed! Annie still has shown no inclination toward climbing out of her crib (yay! knock on wood), so we're not going to set it up quite yet. But we will make the transition sometime in the next few months, probably. We had the bed parts and mattress in the living room on Sunday night, and Annie just couldn't help herself! Hopefully she'll forget all about the fun she had playing on her bed when it comes time to actually learn to sleep on it!

She and Memphis love chasing each other around the dining room table. I think she was the one being chased here  . . .

And Annie's also gotten really good at scolding and commanding Memph. She points at him with a serious alpha face and goes, "SHH!" or "DON'T!" It's funny, and he really listens to her, actually.

Crazy hair!

One of the other nights when Brant, sadly, was not home, I pulled out my old blocks for Annie. We've had these for a few months now, but I was waiting for Annie to show real interest in them. Well, I pulled them back out for her, and she got right to work. Within minutes she had built this awesome city! She was talking to it and explaining stuff to me, showing me all the buildings and where she put it all. What a creative little architect! :)
(I just love all her funny different smiles!)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Thursday

You would just never guess that this little girl throws about ten tantrums a day, now would you? :)