Thursday, July 1, 2010

a post for the first of july

Well, here's our latest project . . . 

stripping off the wallpaper in the stairwell and landing!

(Doesn't he look happy, for a guy whose wife decided to go running and left him in the steamy stairwell to peel wallpaper all by himself??)

Brant is AMAZING at this task. He says it's not that hard, but I know it's just cause he's the master at all this. It's coming along very nicely, as you can tell, and we've already been to Lowe's to get all the paint color cards we could possibly imagine. We're also looking at paint colors for this room . . .

The bedroom, with its newly shag-carpet-less floors!

 . . . and this room . . .

the library, which also just got its carpet removed and needs a lot of work, not to mention a lot more shelves (trip to IKEA)

Do you see that yellowish-brown border that's been painted around the room on the floor? Yeah, really weird. It's in all the upstairs rooms. So we'll certainly have to sand and stain and varnish these floors. They won't be done for a while! :)

And, since today in Pennsylvania we are enjoying what could be the most beautiful day EVER, I thought I'd post some pictures of my thriving-out-of-control vegetable garden.

my first-picked summer squash!

So, I sneak into Annie's bedroom at least once a night to watch her sleep. She's just so adorable, and plus, when she's awake, she doesn't hold still long enough for me to look at her all day long. Last night I took some pictures, so you all can gaze lovingly at her sweaty little toddler head too. ;-)

Sweet Dreams! 


Cindy said...

Oh dang, i just wrote a book, and it lost it!

In short, you are all so cute and productive. Home looks fabulous. Exciting changes taking place!

We can't wait until you come. Gary got cabins (little tiny places to sleep in Air Conditioning) at Canyon Lake today. I am squirming with anticipation...thought I'd share.

Thanks for the updates. Makes my life more full! We leave for Philmont tomorrow. Catch up with you then. :)

Kathryn Quinn said...

I can believe that the husband could be smiling only if the wife took the toddler and dog running with her

Nancy said...

Ah. Your domestic life is so fun to observe. Lovely garden!