Monday, July 5, 2010

America the Beautiful

On Saturday we drove down to Maryland to have a big ol fiesta with my dad's family. Annie got to see her two second cousins, Julia and Kylee, who are both a few months older than her. Grandma took the girls on walks . . . 

And then commenced the kubb play!! Here, my brother, Thomas, is warming up and Brant is juggling the kubb sticks. :) I didn't know I was married to such a good juggler!

We taught my aunt Janet and marveled at her amazing form!

Annie and Julia decided to switch shoes!

And all the girls gathered around my aunt Mary (Grandma to the other two) to play with this super-cool light-up toy! 

It's so fun to drive down to Havre de Grace because there really isn't a good expressway to take home. Back roads pretty much all the way!! Driving through Maryland farmland, I got to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this country I love. :)

As we neared home, we were driving along the Susquehanna River and saw a bunch of fireworks shows! One was so spectacular that we stopped on the side of the road and watched it until it ended! The picture, of course, doesn't do it justice--these were seriously great fireworks! We may never know where they were coming from, but next year we'll do our darndest to be at the same place at the same time!

We turned around to see if Annie was enjoying it--she was mesmerized!

Then, on Sunday after church we left for another fireworks show in Hershey. But not before taking some 4th of July pictures!

This cat is Simba, who belongs to our neighbors and camps out on our front porch a lot. He is so old and so sweet, and Annie is his biggest fan.

We met up with the Joneses on the top floor of the Penn State Hershey parking garage to watch the fireworks from Hershey Park!

The show started a few minutes late, so Brant and Annie decided to chase each other around the empty garage . . . 

And then we parked ourselves along the wall to see the sights . . . Annie was enamored with a bird feather on the ledge.

Happy Independence Day!!!

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Kathryn Quinn said...

What a fun Fourth weekend!