Wednesday, July 7, 2010

it's summertime and the livin' is HOT

Hey, everybody! We're sweltering out here! It's been over 100 degrees every day this week; yesterday it was over 102. And today is supposed to be even hotter!

This little girl doesn't seem to mind, though . . .

We haven't had rain in almost a month, and the grass is all brown and crunchy. The flowers are doing fine, though! Can you just tell how HOT it is in these pictures?

In other news, our friends found Annie this awesome big wheels for free! Yay! 

We also finally started our food storage for real. The other day I bought some buckets of pre-packaged wheat, beans, and oats. Annie likes to climb on them and chew on the lids, for some reason. Here she is going in for a big bite o' bucket.

And we also finished taking the carpet off the landing and stairs. Now our stairwell and upstairs truly looks like we just bought a dilapidated, foreclosed house. Success! :) Oh, but it's so fun to work on!!


Spencer G said...

It wasn't looking too hot until the one where Annie's trying to eat a bucket, then I'm thinking... heat crazy?

Maggie said...

what are your plans for food storage??? are you not going to buy anything in the winter?

Kathryn Quinn said...

Annie's big wheels looks a lot like your first one!
Brant has done an absolutely amazing job on the floors and walls! What a guy!