Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hi! As always, it's been a while since I've updated . . . now the summer's almost over. We've had a lot of fun and have been really busy!! Here's what's been going on in the last two months!

Middletown Fair

Trip to Texas



River boat tour

sleeping after the beach

Mexican restaurants with the whole Ellsworth family!

Game of Blokus with the girlies

Getting to see old friends

and old friends' new baby, who isn't so new anymore!!

trying to keep Annie entertained on the long plane ride

Steve and Carolyn (Brant's brother and sis-in-law) coming to visit!!

We went to Gettysburg . . .

and Amish country . . .

and hiked the Appalachian trail (3 1/2 miles of it)

We went to Harrisburg

and toured the Capitol--this place is really, really cool!

walked over the Susquehanna to City Island

went to DC!

Annie saw her first episode of Howdy Doody at the National Archives

stopped by the temple with our little family

ate lots of corn on the cob this summer

played at the park with Memph and the Ellingsons

I got to see Maggie after many years (!!) We met in Gettysburg and walked around her alma mater

hung out at home :)

I made a rug!

Visited Katie in good ol' Carroll County!!

went to the Lititz Craft fair--this was a BIG affair--I got lots of inspiration for stuff to make

had so many game nights--Annie got to hang out with one of her favorite people in the entire world

canned peaches at Grandma's house!

played ball with Memph

ward picnic with another of Annie's favorite people

swung on swings a lot

The weather's turned a little colder, which I LOVE. I can't wait for fall! There's a lot happening in September, not to mention Annie's first birthday, which is TOMORROW!

I'll leave you with some pictures to remind us all what we Ellsworths were doing 364 days ago today . . .


Megan said...

oh my goodness the ellsworths have been a busy bunch! i also can't believe annie is going to be a year old tomorrow! it's so crazy to think that a year ago, brant and i were just starting grad school. hope to see you guys soon. if you think of it, drop us an email with your address so we can send you cards and other...oh, perhaps invitations...

miss you all! - megan & jason.

The Hulls said...

Looks like you guys have had a great summer! Happy Birthday tomorrow Annie!

Thompson Family said...

Happy Birthday Annie! I can't believe it's been a little over a year since we seen you guys!

Sarah said...

Wow!! You guys have been busy!! Looks like lots of fun! Happy Birthday Annie!! I can't believe she is a year already!! Have fun celebrating!