Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cowan's Gap

A few weeks ago we went with my parents to Cowan's Gap State Park, a beautiful place in the mountains near Altoona. I just found the pictures from that adventure. We swam and paddle-boated in the lake, hiked the mountain, and enjoyed being in such a natural setting.

Annie and Poppy scouted out the perfect picnic bench by the lake.

While taking a break from swimming laps in the lake, Annie sported her trendy beach cover-up.

We had so much fun (and got so much sun!) paddle-boating around the lake. It was beautiful!

All ready for the hike up the Horseshoe Trail. See Annie in Brant's backpack??

The trail was marked at a high difficulty, but we figured we could handle it. Boy, it was steep!!

On the way back down, Annie refused to be in the backpack anymore. She was so tired. So I carried her like a little baby all the way across the backside of the mountain. Luckily it wasn't steep anymore. :)

Walking around at the overlook

What a lovely summer vacation!

P.S.-- Today is my 25th birthday! Brant, Annie, Memphis, and I are are about to leave for some more adventures!


The Hulls said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your adventures are great today!

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Cute pictures! Happy B-day!

tawnya61 said...

Yesterday my husband, 11 year old son & I hiked up the Knobsville Road trail from the park to the overlook. Not wanting to go back over the same path we came on, and knowing there was a way to "loop" around back to the park we headed on up the trail. We had NO IDEA what we were in for with the Horseshoe trail!! Being rather "intimidated" by just looking up the start of the trail I didn't even think of taking a picture. I was wondering if you happen to have any pics looking up the rocky start of the Horseshoe trail from the Knobsville Road side. We had to kind of laugh when we got home & read that Horseshoe is listed as an "Experienced Hikers" trail only. Don't think we qualify but we made it!!!