Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November!

Well, it's warmed up here! And we've been going on all sorts of adventures the last few days, so I have a ton of pictures to put up! Today we went to Lititz, which is about 35 minutes northeast of where we live. It's a gorgeous old town with a lot of cute shops and great buildings. We got there kind of later in the day, so a lot of the places were closed. We walked around, though, and had a good time. I found a used book shop that's REALLY cool. I can't wait to go back. I bought some children's books for Annie. So, the picture above is of an inn--and in the bottom right corner of the picture is a statue carved right out of a tree!

Annie had a lot of fun just rolling around in her stroller!

Taking a break to play with Daddy.

A girl's boarding school--as it says, the "Oldest in His Majesty's Colonies."

We also went to a park along the Susquehanna today--Chickies Rock, it's called--and there was a trail to an overlook. There was a huge group of Mennonites walking along the trail, and we had a great time chatting and showing off Annie. :)
The overlook at the end of the trail.

Exploring the woods along the trail.

These pictures are a little backwards . . . the rest of these are from yesterday, Halloween! Annie and I spent most of the afternoon on campus with Brant. He got a lot of work done on his term papers, and I finished watching the West Wing! 7 seasons--and we've watched them all since Annie was born--a true accomplishment. Halloween was pretty uneventful, honestly. The kids trick or treat on the Thursday before Halloween (to keep crime under control or something), so yesterday we just had a restful evening inside, once we got back from campus.
Campus at sunset!

Annie's Halloween photo shoot on the sofa!

warm afternoon on the front porch

sleeping soundlessly in Brant's arms

So, it's November now! In other news, Brant found out the book review he wrote for The International Journal of the History of Sports has been accepted for publication! His classes are going great, and his teachers are being really helpful in his search for scholastic opportunities. Tomorrow we're going down to Maryland for a dinner at my aunt's house. Chicken pot pie, a tradition! yumm!

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Sharrard Family said...

That sounds so fun! Annie is getting so cute! She is such a doll! :)

YAY for Brant! I am so happy for him!

Have fun at your aunts house, I have to agree with you home made chicken pot pie sounds really good!