Friday, November 21, 2008

First Snow!

Hello! :) Well, the holiday decorations are up around Middletown, and it really snowed for the first time today. It's been snowing all morning and afternoon. It's still pretty warm, so nothing's laying too much. But it feels very seasonal! Memphis sure was excited. I'm not sure Annie understood what she was looking out at the window . . . but that's all right. Anyway, here's a good deal of pictures for your viewing enjoyment!
Brant and Annie making me breakfast!

What the trees looked like before the snow

Pretty blue eyed baby

My two loves smiling at each other

Happy Annie!

Thinking Annie

I came home from running one afternoon and found them sleeping on the sofa like this!

My mom came to stay with Annie while we went to play tennis. So fun! So cold!

Brant was covering a class on campus the morning it snowed, so he had to get up early and clean off the car!

Isn't she pretty sleeping?

"Come on and let it snow!"

Annie in her koala vest from her GG Jane!

super cool

So, tomorrow is the Harrisburg Holiday Parade downtown. We're thinking about going for a bit, unless it's just too cold for Annie. There's a good chance it will be. Then we'll head down to Gettysburg for a yummy dinner and to see Twilight! I can't wait! I feel like I'm coming down with a bad cold, though, so there's also a chance we'll have to call off all the festivities of the day. Hopefully not, since we already bought the Twilight tickets.

Brant's been working hard on his term papers. Almost finished! His Civil War paper is getting really interesting, and he's learning tons about the ins and outs of serious research. We're watching Love Actually right now--I know it's not quite time for Christmas movies, but it's snowing!! I'll wait to watch A Christmas Story until after Thanksgiving!

"I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes . . . ."

oh, and my favorite quote from the movie . . .

"Just in cases." :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Deon said...

I LOVE both of those movies - Love, Actually (edited of course) is mine, and Christmas Story is Richard's. Great quotes. Wow - what a CUTE little seat Annie is sitting in! Haha.... I was in Gettysburg today - dang,missed ya. We'll enjoy the snow for you in Utah next week.

Sharrard Family said...

I LOVE that outfit Annie is wearing! The jacket her GG bought her! IT is sooo cute!! And the one of Annie Sleeepin is to die for! I am soo making Sheldon take me to see twilight! HEHE! :) OK I am totally rambling! (Its gotta be the sugar high!) Have a good one in the snow!