Thursday, November 10, 2011

mabel is 6 months old!

Actually, she's almost six months old, but she had her doctor's appointment today. She did great! In fact, she never cried once, and up until now she has screamed through every single doctor's examination. Annie did the same thing til she was two, so I thought Mabes would be same. But no, she giggled and chattered through the whole appointment. Until the shots, that is. But she didn't even cry that long after them, either. :) The doctor said Mabel is beautiful and awesome and all wonderful things! She said she has a very strong core, and is the youngest baby to ever sit up straight and rock in their little scale-chair thing where they weigh her. Annie was an inquisitive little doctor's helper throughout the whole appointment, too. She totally adores Mabel and cares so much about what other people do to her. It's sweet. Mabel's greatest enjoyment the whole day was the crinkly wonderment of the paper on the doctor's exam table. She ripped and (tried to) chew on that lovely stuff the whole time.

Anyway, here are the stats:

weight: 15 lbs. 12 oz  (43rd percentile)
height: 25 1/2" (47th percentile)

woo-hoo! Here's to another fantastic six months! I can't believe she's growing so fast! She is a little mover and a shaker, that's for sure. And a total lovable, huggable, cuddly sweetie.


Kathryn Quinn said...

sounds like Annie wouldn't have wanted to miss Mabel's appointment. Glad it wasn't at 10:00:)

cindy said...

Time flies so fast, 6 months already..that means I was in PA 6 months ago. I am so excited that Glen and Nicole are coming that way. I have already put in my request for a trip to PA this summer. Is Brant going to Graduate? If he is walking...and he should, I want to be there! Brielle is graduating in April and Steve in May or Jun...busy year!!!

cindy said...

I can't wait til the sisters descend upon us in another month! And Cadance will be here too. Cousin time! Whew! Maybe Gary and I will renew our vows next Christmas...just so we can keep this Crazy schedule alive!