Monday, October 3, 2011

mabel chews on things . . . and sits up!

Hello, everybody! It is chilly here in PA this week! All of a sudden we went from air conditioners to space heaters . . . how did that happen so fast? We're being stubborn and not turning on our furnace yet . . . Brant is sure it's going to warm up again in just a few days. So, fall is in full swing! I dug up most of our rotting garden remnants over the weekend. Wow, it was Little Shop of Horrors in there! With all the crazy rain we've had over the last month, stuff was growing like wild! I must have had at least 60 tomatoes still on the vine, all green and ready to turn red, if only it wasn't so cold outside! And I've picked two pumpkins from our impromptu pumpkin patch, with a third almost ready. We hit up what will probably be the final yard sale of the season on Saturday, too. And, good thing--I found so many fall pants and long-sleeve jammies for Annie! 

Mabel is growing like wild, too! She's still so obsessed with gnawing on everything, but no teeth yet . . . 

Her current favorite toy by far is the crinkly-crackly, reflective, sparkling water bottle!

And I discovered this morning that she can legitimately sit up by herself! I think over the last week or so I've been having her sit up in my lap, or in front of me on tabletops, but I just haven't noticed it. Poor second child, just doesn't get much attention. ;-) So, while Annie was taking her wonderful, long afternoon nap, I thought I'd dedicate some photo time just for Mabel and her sweet, sometimes under-appreciated, adorable-ness.

See? She can sit up while holding her monkey toy (a close second in faves) . . .

And she can sit up without him, too!

We love our Mabel so much!!


Kathryn Quinn said...

horray for sitting up!

Julie M said...

She has the sweetest smile! It goes all the way to her eyes. She looks so proud and happy to be sitting up by herself.