Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm still new at this . . .

Annie and I were having a little discussion about Jesus' death and resurrection this afternoon. You know, really light, easy-to-talk-about stuff. A little ways into the conversation, I realize Annie might not be quite ready to talk about death, even if I'm focusing more on the joyful, resurrection part. But there was much more to it than just that. Here's a part of it . . .

Annie: (becoming sad and little upset) I don't like dying, Mommy.
Me: (trying to steer us into a better place) It's okay. It won't happen for a long time, not til you're much older and your body will be tired. You'll be excited to see Heavenly Father and live with Him again!
Annie: (sadder still) I don't want to live with Heavenly Father! I want to live with you!
Me: But you can! We'll all be there together with Heavenly Father! Daddy, me, Mabel, and you!
Annie: (convinced now) Okay. That sounds good. After my nap, we'll go see Heavenly Father. Can I wear this shirt to see him?

She's now keeping that shirt in a special place in her dresser and reminded me tonight as I was cleaning up her clothes just what it is for. :)


Deb said...

I've had conversations like that with Julia; because we have had three deaths in the family in just over a year... Even though we've discussed going to Heaven and being with Christ; she'll still crawl in my lap, snuggle, and say, "I don't want to die, and you're never going to die, Mommy!"

Megan said...

This is the sweetest post. Annie's comments are adorable, but your title just sums up how I think we all feel at one time or another. :)