Friday, July 22, 2011

heat wave

the thermometer on our shed this afternoon

We're on our fourth day in a row of way-too-hot-for-central-Pennsylvania weather. The temperatures have been in the low 100s and the heat index has been around 110, with the humidity factored in. Oh man. I am not a hot-weather person. 

But my laundry does get dry in like 30 minutes, which is nice, I guess . . . 
 (although, by the time I was done hanging them up this morning, I needed a second shower.)

Annie thought she'd try on one of her awesome winter hats to celebrate the heat wave. Oh, girlie.

We've been keeping cool and cuddly with Daddy when we're lucky to have him home. :) He's in class a few nights a week during this summer term, so sometimes the girls don't see him all day.

And, Annie refuses to accept that she's outgrown the various baby items we've been bringing down from the attic for Mabel . . . 

Anyway, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for fall!!

Ahhh, that's nice. :)


Clay said...

The girls are adorable! Isn't it funny how in winter you dream of warm summers, and by summers end you can't wait for cooler days? Gredtel is sitting next to me and says she loves "Sister Ellsworth and her babies". So do I.

Megan said...

The heat is really getting to us here as well! We have the AC blasting, but it just can't compete with heat like this. Poor Elliott's been sporting just a diaper most of the day and was eating like crazy to stay hydrated. Hopefully it cools down a little soon and we can go back to enjoying summer rather than wishing desperately for fall (I'm right there with you!).

Scott Jones said...

I loved the winter hats thing, that was funny

Julie M said...

I love Annie chillin' in the bumbo. She's sitting up so straight and tall. Hilarious!