Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 months old!

Happy 2 months, Mabel!

The doctor's appointment went well today, after a mishap with the insurance card, which meant I had to go home and try the appointment all over again later this evening. But Mabel did great at her appointment.  I just can't help but think back to Annie at this age, when I was still feeling so distraught about her being such a feisty, fussy--filled with personality but so hard for me to handle--kid. At 2 months, I must have seemed like a totally worn-out first-time mommy to our doctor at that appointment. Not that raising Annie isn't worth all the trouble--I wouldn't have our crazy awesome first-born be anyone other than the feisty, stubborn, fantastically smart girl she is! But with Mabel I feel so different. She is a sweet, incredibly smiley, happy baby. She's patient and not demanding unless she's really hungry and I'm nowhere in sight. And the best thing is how she reacts to me and Brant and Annie. She knows our voices and our faces. She'll coo (and sometimes even shriek with delight) when she sees us. :) With Annie, I remember reading in baby books about cooing, and I honestly didn't even know what it was. I don't think I ever heard Annie coo, haha! Two different babies, I guess. Man, do I love them both more than I ever thought possible!

Anyway! To the stats! Here's Mabel at 2 months . . . 

height: 23 in (75th percentile)
weight: 11 lbs (50th percentile)
head: 50th percentile, I don't remember the size

Way to go, girlie! Keep on growing!

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The Ellsies said...

Look at how big she is. She has fat on her body- that's new! She looks so fabulous.