Friday, April 16, 2010

a first for Annie

her first french braid!!!
This may not seem like a huge deal to all of you, but considering I was a BALD baby until I was three years old, I am so psyched for my little girl!!!

I was also totally floored (and you all should be too) that she sat still long enough for me to do it. The key? Letting her play with all the markers she wanted to, uninterrupted . . . 

Another fun thing we did this week . . . finally put up Annie's swing on our balcony at this new house!
(This picture's my favorite; I just wish I'd gotten the camera set right so it wasn't so blurry!)

We've also been replacing and moving around some of the pitifully dinky ceiling fans in our house, just in time for these warm days and nights! Luckily we have a lot of help :)

Happy Friday!!!


Kathryn Quinn said...

Way to go Coralee and Annie! And when Coralee says bald, she means it. Annie now has as much hair as Coralee did when she started kindergarten.

Nancy said...

The braid is so cute! And I just love that picture. How many guys does does it take to put up a ceiling fan? Three, plus two babies and a dog.

JessT said...

Look at styling Annie! I haven't checked blogs lately, but oh my word...Annie is so cute! She's grown so much. It's fun to see her pictures. Landon loves to see Annie on the blogs.