Monday, April 5, 2010

a cheery cherry blossom day

Annie was so psyched to go!

We met up with my brother in Arlington and took the metro in to DC

Annie, the Jefferson Memorial, and cherry blossoms!

my brother, Thomas, and his fiancee, Caroline

Annie and Uncle Thomas going on a walk after lunchtime :)

We got a chance to walk through the FDR memorial, which I had yet to see. 
I really liked so many of the quotes . . . here are my favorites . . . 

We also stopped by the American History museum and saw the First Ladies display.
My favorite gown belonged to Grace Coolidge--isn't it cool??

ready to head back home!

Annie was an incredible trooper the whole long, sunny day! She never took one nap and was so delirious and funny on the way home!


Kathryn Quinn said...

I sure wish I'd been along for the ride!

JessT said...

Landon was so funny watching the video of Annie so intently with a smile. And of course Annie was funny. Landon is so interesting deliriously funny when he's tired.