Thursday, March 18, 2010

the luck o' the Irish and a little dirt under the fingernails

Happy Day-After-St. Patrick's-Day! Hope you all felt very lucky. We celebrated our Irish roots by going down to Gettysburg and meeting up with my mom for dinner. We ate at the coolest place! It's called the Dobbin House, and where we ate was the tavern part--below levels, lit by candles (and only by candles--it was really dark!), furnished with old wooden tables and chairs . . . we were even served by waitresses in 18th century colonial garb! Here is a picture of the outside; I wish I had a picture of the tavern!

It was built before the Revolutionary War and was also a site of the underground railroad, which is pretty cool too. 

And now for the exciting news of the day . . . 

I finished digging out my garden!!

There she is, all 143 square feet of her. 

It was a strenuous, three-day job. I have to admit that I feel rather satisfied knowing I dug up all that sod by myself. Well, no, I guess that isn't exactly true. I did have help!

Annie found that the laundry basket was very useful in transporting her dirt.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is all the sod that was once in that spot . . . it now fills up some flower beds and most of our sidewalk, while I wait for my dad to come pick it up.

This is really cute. Annie loves to stand up on cement blocks that are next to the grill, poke her head above them (she barely reaches) and say "aah-oooh" (hello). Do you see her little head??

Happy workin', everybody!


Glen said...

I'm just wondering how you got 143 square feet instead of 144... I'm trying to do the math but it doesn't make for pretty numbers. It5's like 11.9582607 feet on each side. But maybe that's your lucky number or something.

Cindy said...

I couldn't stop laughing at Glen's comment. Only Glen. Well maybe Gary too! But wowza! That's awesome digging. Garden's are great. What are you planting?

Cindy said...

And oh, I love the clothes on the line. And Annie will be so happy to play outside all day while you work on your Garden. You two are best buds!

Corals said...

hahaha, Glen! It's 13 x 11 feet. I didn't mean it was equal on both sides. :) That would be awesome if 11.9582607 was my lucky number!

Cindy, it's going to be a vegetable and herb garden! There are enough other plots around the yard for all the flowers I could want, I think. :) So that's the plan!