Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Autumntime, it's Autumntime!

We've been busying ourselves with all sorts of fun fall activities this week. Here's a few:

The Middletown Halloween parade!

Brant and Annie ran into the street to collect candy!

I caught this picture as Annie was watching the floats and the marching bands and the fire engines go on past. My, she was enthralled. Can't you tell? I just love that look of wonder that's saying, "I'm trying to figure this all out."

She didn't stay quite as enthralled at last year's parade . . .

We came home, stripped off all our coats and sweaters, and warmed up. Annie was sporting her ghostly Halloween attire that night!

Here's what she wore last year:
So tiny!!

Now that Annie's well again (by the way, we found out she had the Roseola virus--very common) we've resumed our daily jogs throughout town. We've had some beautiful sunny days that make the colors in the trees just glow! I'm going to have to take more pictures tomorrow before all the leaves fall! (Of course, then I'll get to start making wreathes and who knows what else with all the pretty leaves!)

Annie has discovered all the pumpkins on our front porch and loves to try to pick them up and shake them.

Our ward fall party was last night, and it was a Cowboy Roundup! We dressed Annie up as a cowgirl! Of course I had her model the outfit for me. :)

I was also trying out some woolen pants that also function as a long-legged diaper cover. So that's what's on under her dress. I like them a lot--they worked great, totally waterproof, and I think I'm going to make more for her all winter long!

Well, Happy Fall, everyone!

In other Ellsworth news: Brant is at our new house's inspection right now. It's been going on most of the afternoon. My parents came down so that my mom could watch Annie and my dad could attend the inspection with us. But they had to be back in Gettysburg before the inspector was through. So, I came back home to stay with Annie while Brant finishes up at the new house! I'm anxious to see the inspection report!


Sharrard Family said...

Oh Annie looks so cute in the little cowgirl outfit!! :) I just love it! What a doll!

Kathryn Quinn said...

I love the pictures of her looking out at the world, whether at the parade, on the porch or out the door.

Nancy said...

That's a sweet little outfit. I'd totally wear it myself, you know. Minus the cloth diaper under the wool pants, of course.