Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Monday!

Annie and I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Monday!

She told me right before she fell asleep,
"Mom, after you put me down for this nap, will you go downstairs and post on our blog letting everyone know I'm feeling much better? (I mean, let's be honest, how else could I throw a great big temper tantrum over you not letting me pull every slice of bread out of the bag and feed it to Memphis? That took a good amount of energy, and boy, it feels good to be myself again!) Also, the sun is shining, it's warming up here, and Daddy made it to York for training without any hitch this morning, so it's a great Monday, everybody!"


Nancy said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better. Next time you feel like a caged animal, you call me!!! I'm so excited for your house and to get to play this weekend!!

Sharrard Family said...

I am so glad she is feeling better! How scary! Poor Annie! :(

Congrats on the house that is so exciting. (sorry I haven't been reading blogs all that much school has consumed me) I hope she gets all the way back to normal and isn't sick anymore this year.