Friday, February 6, 2009

Sunny Day, Sweeping the Clouds Away . . .

Hey everyone! Wow, we've been having some fun times lately. The last few weeks have been busy! Annie is becoming more active and aware of what the world has to offer. And she's loving it! We are too! It's still bitter cold here, and it's snowed and iced quite a bit. But we're keeping rather warm and finding all kinds of indoor projects to work on. :)

One Saturday morning Annie woke up pretty early. While Brant was sleeping we hung out on the floor of her bedroom and played. :)

Pretty girl

Sunday mornings can get kind of tiring. We don't have church til 1, so Brant was reading a parenting book to Annie to bide the time. Not terribly exciting . . .

All dressed up and ready for church!

Annie has discovered the world of books. Yay! She really gets excited whenever she sees something rectangular that opens up. Brant was reading Moby Dick for school, and she wanted to prove to us that there isn't any book she's not willing to try! :)

Family time

On a REALLY cold Saturday, we went to the State Museum of Pennsylvania. It's a really fun place! The first time we went was right after Annie was born. She slept the whole time in her stroller. But this time she was wide awake the whole time, and we had a blast exploring the museum. Their current art exhibit is of the murals Roosevelt commisioned to be painted in post offices across the country to stimulate the economy during the New Deal. They were pretty neat.

In the automobile room

Civil War mural

This is the book Annie likes the most. And "M" is her favorite. She really does get the most excited when I open it up to the "M" page--and there's a big glass of milk to look at!

Today we bought a doorway jumper! I finally found one at a consignment shop north of Harrisburg. Annie LOVES it, and it's so much fun to watch her. She's been wanting to be able to move like this on her own since day one. I bet she's so happy to finally be able to do it.

Brant's way of doing cruches

Here are some videos! Sorry they're all so dark. Most of the cute stuff Annie does happens when Brant's home (i.e. at night, and it's wintertime and dark a lot).

Annie shrieking in her funny way--for the first minute of the video she's blowing raspberries with her hand in her mouth, and then she starts singing :)

Annie giggles all the time now. I love it!

Playing on the sofa:

Annie in her jumper--I found there's something very exhilarating and hilarious about watching your baby move on her own, without you doing anything. That's why I'm laughing so much in the video, I guess!

My brother flew in to DC last weekend, and my mom, Annie, and I drove down to meet him and Caroline for lunch. We spent a great afternoon in beautiful Georgetown, and it was actually sort of warm outside! It was a wonderful day.

This weekend is supposed to be nice too. It may rain, but Brant and I are thinking of doing something really fun tomorrow! I'm not sure what we'll do yet . . .

ALSO! I found out that JP is coming to visit me here in Pennsylvania next month! I'm so excited! I don't know how I'll wait. I'm already planning a bunch of fun things to do with her.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Sarah said...

So cute!! She is so fun, and getting so big! It's fun to watch her grow and learn! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

This will make me smile all weekend. How fun to have her jumping and singing. And it has only begun! She is adorable! And so are you two as parents. Happy Family

Kathryn Quinn said...

I always look forward to updates! Such fun pictures to pour over, again and again