Monday, October 27, 2008

Great Weekend!

Hi everyone! Well, we had a really fun weekend, but I was sad I didn't take more pictures! So I'm just posting a bunch of recent Annie pictures. :) On Friday night we went to our ward Fall Shindig. It was a chili cookoff, so Brant made up a DELICIOUS pot of chili! There was also a cake walk, and Annie and I won a huge caramel apple cake the very first time we walked around the circle! She's my good luck charm! I wasn't sure how long Annie would last being happy at the party, but she was awake and happy the whole time! There were so many people there (the Bishop said about 160 or so people came--a lot more than showed up at our ward parties in Provo!) Annie had so many things to look at and hear. Music was playing the whole time. On Saturday we got up and drove down to Gettysburg to spend the day with my parents. Brant and I went to see . . . High School Musical 3!! Hahaha it was SO much fun! My parents watched Annie, so they had a blast, too! Then my dad grilled up some pork tenderloin, which was some of the best we've ever had! We ended up hanging around their house pretty late. It was so relaxing--plus Annie tried out the baby swing in their basement (she promptly fell asleep in it), and I got to go through my dad's book collection! Sunday was church. Nine of our ten sunbeams were there, and all the kids were super wound up from performing in the primary program during sacrament meeting. WOW it was hard to get them focused during class. Brant told some good stories, but by the time we went home from church, we were exhausted! Plus Brant had stayed up ALL night long watching West Wing. :)
She is now totally aware of the mobiles above her crib and pack -n- play. She was so content to just stare at the mobile for a long long time.

Annie was being really alert and thoughtful in her pack -n- play today. She wasn't kicking around and laughing as much as she normally does. She was being so cute.

Here she was playing with her hands and "talking" to herself.

All cuddled up in her swing.

We put her in a turqouis sleeper--she looked great in the color!

I think it looks like she's movin and groovin in this picture. :)


Sharrard Family said...

WOW! She is getting soo big! She looks soo cute too! Kinda makes me miss having a newborn LOL! :)

Kathryn Quinn said...

These pictures a so adorable I had to get them to reset my password so I could tell you. Plus I can vouch that Brant's chili was superb! I shredded some cheese (sorry Coralee) on top and feasted! What you didn't tell everyone is that we have some pictures of you sound asleep in the same swing that rocked Annie to sleep here over the weekend. Someday, when I'm technologically competent, I'll post them!

Leigh said...

Your daughter is incredibly cute, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you two. Give her a squeeze from me!

The West Wing has long been one of my favorite TV shows--especially the first two seasons. Where are you in it?