Thursday, July 31, 2008

Unexpected Blessing

Last Friday, I received the unexpected great news that I had been selected to receive a Graduate Assistantship through my American Studies program at Penn State. This means that this years out-of-state tuition costs will be covered by the University. In addition, my Assistantship has a work provision with a cash stipend meaning the Univeristy will pay me to attend the school! But best of all, the University is also granting Coralee and I health insurance which will be active as of Aug 11--meaning we won't have to pay the medical bills for Xerxes birth! Financially, this is awesome! Literally saving us tens of thousands of dollars over the next year. I personally see this as 1) a miracle and 2) a direct Heavenly stamp of approval on the professional career I am pursueing.

Deciding to attend graduate school has been a difficult decision for us. It is something that I always knew I wanted to do but the timing issue made me hesitate. Coralee and I were both in jobs/careers that we enjoyed and had potential for promotions. Of course, Coralee is pregnant and we had great health insurance. But, when I was accepted to three schools I had to make a decision. Do I postpone until after the baby is born? Do I go to school? And then of course, which school do I choose?

We decided to explore all three schools to see the campus and which, if any, would provide money. Originally, done did. From the beginning, Penn State seemed like the best answer. It was close to Coralee's family and was a reputiable school. But I wanted to be sure. One day, I was talking with Coralee on the phone during a break at work and I knew Penn State was my choice. I had put Coralee through hell as I was flip-flopping my decision almost weekly. I knew Penn State was going to be my school.

Of course we moved to PA a month ago, an epic journey in itself, and I quietly started school. And slowly, as events have unfolded, I understand now what someone knew all along. Penn State will offer a new PhD program in American Studies starting next fall, the semester I am anticipating starting meaning we won't have to move again for my studies. And then this Assistantship drops in my lap. I am grateful for Heavenly guidance and direction and the lessons this experience has taught me.


Kathryn Quinn said...

My entire being smiles whenever I think about your assistantship.

Sharrard Family said...

YAY!! I am so happy for you guys! Isn't it totally amazing how the Lord gives you so many unexpected blessings?! I hope all is going well for you guys! We miss you lots!

Jessica Thornock said...

That is Superb! I am so excited for you three!

Elise said...

Congrats you guys! That's exciting!! Isn't it truely amazing how the Lord works! And Congrats on the new addition...saw it on facebook :) I moved to Connecticut about a week ago for a promotion...and apparently there are a lot of "Texans" here...Brant... craziness! Take care

Miss Erika said...

Shut up.... I am so jealous that you are going to get your PhD in American Studies. Good luck with everything, and congrats on your little girl!

Laurel said...

Brant! Just found your blog through Elise's...good to 'see' ya. :) Congratulations on your new little addition, that's so wonderful! Hope you're enjoying the east coast. You can check out my blog:

Talk to you later!