Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Do You Remove a Radiator? or, Why There's a Piano in My Kitchen, by Coralee

Joy of joys! Brant found a free player piano on Craigslist that was barely a few miles from our house! He enlisted a nice police office friend with a truck and trailer. He gathered three other strapping young men. They successfully yanked and tugged that humongous piano up and over our snowy sidewalk, yard, and steps. They removed the front door and then the doorjam into the dining room. It barely squeaked through the door. Then. The radiator. None of us could figure a way around this sucker. We can't angle the piano through the door and around it. The radiator is totally in the way. And there's one at the other entrance to the dining room, too. We can not figure out how to get this piano out of the kitchen and into the dining room, where we had intended it to go. Any ideas? I think we'll just have to get rid of it, otherwise. 

So sad!


Cindy said...

so, let me see if I understand your situation: Your piano came through the side door into the kitchen, but because the radiator in the DR is in the way, you can't maneuver the piano through the door and into the DR. And it is impossible to bring the piano through the Front Front door into your living room because of the stairs and railing.

I am sure a plumber would know how to cap the radiator. Call Emily's husband Colin, maybe he can give you advice. Good luck. it is a pretty piano.

Kathryn Quinn said...

I think it's a beautiful piano. There must be a way to get it in so Brant can play!

The Ellsies said...

At least for a little while you can enjoy Brant serenading you while you cook. Good luck!