Monday, October 25, 2010

bike ride along the C&O canal

On Saturday Annie and I loaded my bike up into the car and drove down to meet my parents for a lovely fall bike ride along the C&O Canal in Maryland. We were between the canal (which was mostly dried up) and the Potomac River the whole time. And it was a gorgeous day!

driving down . . .

Getting the bikes ready!

and here are all the pictures I took along the trip!

we stopped at a dam and lock for a picnic lunch.

here's the lock keeper's house!

picnic time!

then we hopped back on the bikes and rode a little further!

 It was such a wonderful day!

Then on Sunday we drove down to Gettysburg and had a birthday dinner for my dad with my parents and Thomas and Caroline. Everyone finished off with a rousing game of Royal Rummy. :)

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