Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I thought I'd add a few pictures of this weekend's festivities . . .  :) We've been having so much fun. On Sunday my parents came over for an early-Memorial-Day cookout. It was the PERFECT summer evening. So hot. So happy! Annie played with bubbles for the first time as we waited for my parents to arrive!

I love their matching father-daughter focused faces here.

Annie breaks out in song occasionally.  ;-)

oh, the food was so yummy! so was the company!

Annie took Grandma on a walk to show her the town . . . barefoot.

These are the yellow flowers that are now blooming on our side porch. I love them!

My garden is doing great!! Here is proof :)
swiss chard

my army of green bean plants

spinach--SO MUCH lovely, delicious spinach!

straight up onions, yo!

squash plant in front of my marigolds

tomato plant, the only thing I didn't grow from seed

These bushes in the back of our yard are blossoming finally. My dad told me yesterday that they are really old-fashioned, so now I like them even more!

And we finished taking up all the carpet on the first floor! Brant worked so hard to clear that shaggy old mess out of there, and then I spent every precious moment of Annie's naptimes for two days straight scrubbing on my hands and knees to get decades of grime out of wood that was NEVER VARNISHED. But the floors are  so wonderful. Makes me love the house even more, if that were possible. Now we just need to varnish them, and they'll be done!


Today the three of us went to a nearby state park and went swimming in the lake and played on lots of grass with many other Memorial Day picnic-ers. It was a splendid summer day. I didn't take my camera, though, but you all can imagine what it looked like! :)

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Kathryn Quinn said...

I love your pictures, especially the one of you and Brant and the one of Annie singing alongside Brant.
Your spinach and swiss chard are delicious!