Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just had to share

We are crazy with packing around here! I'm basically trying to get us down to just the bare essentials, the things we'll need to pack for Utah. Our little apartment is looking so shabby with everything off the walls and so many empty cupboards!

Annie was sporting her new boots with her church outfit on Sunday morning. She played in the leaves before church, and nothing--not even tights--could stop her from climbing up those cements steps! :) That's my girl!

a girl and her dog :)

Tonight, while Brant was at his first elder's quorum presidency meeting, I was doing the dishes and straightening up in the kitchen. Annie was playing in the living room. Well, I finish up and walk in to see this:

Not only did she successfully crawl up onto the chair, she stood up and promptly began trying to turn the TV on and put the Seinfeld DVDs back into their cases! :)


Kathryn Quinn said...

So do you figure she pulled off her socks before or after she climbed on the chair?

Sharrard Family said...

Oh boy the I want to watch my own movie phase! Siera went through that one... Opening the cases and eventually got to the point of figuring out how to put the DVD in and change the channel of the t.v. Have fun with it! :)