Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello, after so long!

Wow! Where have we been?? I tell you what, springtime comes, and I'm outta' here! I just can't stand to be inside--and we've been having a blast being busy! :) I know I'm about to make all sorts of allowances in rules for list formatting, but I hope my editing friends pardon me. Here are some highlights of what we've done since I last posted . . .

  • Brant presented his research on Mormons and the Civil War at Penn State and at Elizabethtown College.
  • We suffered a second broken TV antenna so decided to give up on TV (that's live TV, not Hulu, mind you) altogether. Our evenings are much nicer now!
  • We spent April General Conference weekend in Gettysburg and had a DELICIOUS belated St. Patrick's Day Irish stew dinner
  • Brant presented a third time at an American Studies conference in New Orleans. This time he shared research on Dwight Schrute (from The Office) and the Pennsylvania Germans. I, unable to go that long taking care of Annie by myself--I know, I'm weak, stayed with my parents in Gettysburg.
  • Stopped swaddling Annie and watched the various sleeping positions she assumes now on hot Pennsylvania nights
  • Bought a jogging stroller and immediately began taking Annie out on beautiful jogs all through central PA
  • Celebrated a peaceful and very chilly Easter!
  • I made a rag quilt under the tutelage of my friend Katie.

  • Brant created a really interesting documentary for class titled "Making Lemonade," in which he gathered kids' opinions about the struggling economy.
  • Spent a HOT sunny day cleaning up a section of road and making new friends as part of Kiss Hershey Back--a community cleanup day
  • Brant began the still ongoing interview process for a special agent position with the FBI. He traveled to Philadelphia on the commuter train that leaves from Middletown. An exciting day! Keep your fingers crossed!
  • Lowered Annie's crib, since we now find her standing up in it every morning (and often at night when she's supposed to be falling asleep)
  • Brant completed his final class as a graduate student! Now we're just waiting for his professor to read and accept his thesis. ("Saints and Soldiers: Mormon Soldier Motivation in the Civil War")
  • Bought our plane tickets to San Antonio in June and began counting down the days 'til we get to see everyone again!
  • Watched with great excitement and suspense as "Locke" killed Jacob, Juliet blew up the island, and Jim and Pam found out they were expecting
  • Joined a dog park right up the road, where Memphis can run and run and run and meet new dog friends
  • Visited the Middletown Library book sale and came away with a LOAD of new (and old) reads!
  • Sympathized with Annie as her first tooth broke through
  • Saw Star Trek in theatres! Loved it!!
  • Joined GoodReads--look us up!
  • Rearranged our kitchen and living room--so much fun
  • Selected and planted numerous flowers for Mother's Day--our yard is blooming beautifully!

  • Learned then successfully completed my mother's paper route in Gettysburg while they were vacationing in Hawaii for my brother's graduation.
  • Replaced our front windshield after a tremendous wind storm caused a branch from our huge tree to smash it.
  • Began following Annie around the house, as she learned to walk along every wall, chair, dresser, bed, pair of legs . . .
  • Reunited with many of my high school friends at Jeff's law school graduation party
  • I attended the baby shower for our friend Nancy--her baby is due so soon, and we can't wait!! :)
  • Celebrated our 3-year anniversary! What spectacular memories we've made so far!
  • Held numerous game/dessert nights at our house
  • Giggled as Annie got really good at kissing herself in the mirror
  • Hung a swing for Annie on our balcony (This is now almost a nightly ritual.)
  • Went ward-picnic-hopping on Memorial Day
  • Made jars and jars of homemade baby food as Annie's appetite grew and grew
  • Giggled as Annie mastered "Biiiig Girl, Sooooo Big!"
  • I spent a day of shopping with Nancy--she took me to Sharp Shopper, a heavily discounted grocery store, for my first time, and then we took an exciting trip to Goodwill, where we made all kinds of great finds!
  • I've been busy making the following: curtains for the bathroom, bedroom, and Annie's room; a wall-hanging out of an old print on maple syrup making; shorts (made out of FANTASTIC pants Nancy found for me at Goodwill); many many clothes and diaper covers for Annie, pillows for the living room sofas; various recipes with the fresh herbs that are thriving in my garden (sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley, lavender)
  • Watched with excitement--and catching arms at the ready--while Annie took her first steps
  • Began spending lazy, humid evenings outside on the porch, as spring barely started to drift into summer

  • Visited the humongous community yard sale up the road and bought some books, a bike, a bike rack for the car, and a baby gate for the top of the stairs
  • Spent wonderful mornings, afternoons, and evenings with Annie while she learned to turn the pages in her own books and we tried to follow along fast enough to read to her
  • Had a delicious shrimp dinner with my brother, newly back from Hawaii and ready to start work in DC
Well that pretty much brings us up to date! In upcoming news: Annie has her 9-month (!!!) doctor's appointment next week. It's been THREE months since we've had her measured, and I'm so so curious to see what's up with our growin' girl. We're also planning on attending some of the beginning-of-summer fairs around here--one in Middletown, one in Harper's Ferry. And on the 21st of June we leave for San Antonio! I think June is just going to speed by. We'll see! Hope everyone is having happy days! I promise it won't be so long until we post again! :) Til then!


Sarah said...

You guys have been busy!! I'm glad spring is here and the weather is warming up!! I love the pictures of Annie, she is getting so big!! Glad to see you back in the blogging world!

Nancy said...

So, that video is HILARIOUS with Annie spitting and all. Thanks for the update, it's fun to read all about your busy-ness. When are those festivals? They sound fun.

And, correction, it was my "baby shower" not "bridal shower." I just don't want folks getting the wrong idea. :) First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby part. :)