Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey hey hey! We're still getting over being sick here. At least Brant's on Spring break now, so that makes it a little easier. :) We've been having fun, though. Here are some more pictures!
Annie is 6 months old! Her doctor's appointment was last week. Other than still having a lingering cough from the RSV she caught, and some eczema that comes and goes, she's the picture of health! :) Here are the stats:

14 lbs. 14 oz. - 25th percentile
26" - 50th percentile
head (I don't remember what size it is) - 75th percentile

So now she's on oatmeal 3 times a day (we've been doing that for a while now), and we're mixing in all kinds of yummy fruits and veggies! So fun! So far she hasn't shown any dislike for anything we've given her. She gobbles it all up!

A very rare moment, where Annie is sitting still on the sofa. This lasted . . . maybe 10 more seconds.

I think she looks a lot like Brant in this picture! This was on a wonderful warm day. We had just gotten back from hiking with some friends in our ward. I wish I'd brought my camera!

We've pulled out Steve and Carolyn's baby gift to Annie, which she is now old enough to use--this awesome basketball toy! She loves it! I think this picture is funny, cause it looks like she's patiently explaining to Memphis how to play.

This picture illustrates Memphis realizing that Annie is now a functioning member of the family, because he now recognizes that he should beg food from her. She was chewing on a teething biscuit, and he decided the best way to beg would just be to lie down as close as he could to her and wait . . . It was really very respectful :)

She should be on an ad for this toy.

She chews on whatever she's holding on to. Oh, and the funny hat is actually a diaper cover I was in the process of sewing while she was standing and walking along the ottoman.

This is a game we play all the time. She's getting the idea of kissing . . . she just sort of comes at you with a wide open mouth. :)

Playing with the ol' b-ball toy . . .


Thompson Family said...

All those pictures are so cute and fun of Annie. She is getting so big!

Sharrard Family said...

She is getting so adorable and big! I am so sorry she had RSV that is so not cool. :( I am glad she is on the mend though!
Looks like she loves that b-ball toy! :)
Oh and I just love the picutre of memphis begging for the food haha! :D

Nancy said...

I found your blog today! Brant said you were wanting a blog header. Let me know what you're looking for. I'd love to help! see for some of my samples. Happy Tuesday!

Miss Erika said...

OK, Seriously, she is so cute! (Not just saying that either.)